Silicon Carbide Creations

SiCreate GmbH is an Austrian start-up, founded in 2021 and based in Leonding, Austria. The SiCreate team owns high technological skills in Silicon Carbide Powder Production, Crystal Growth and its related Industrial Applications.

Thanks to its scientific and technological background, market knowledge and business experience, it has developed the capability both to produce High Quality Silicon Carbide Powder, and to completely support its clients within the integrated supply chain.

SiCreate GmbH operates inside the EU, supporting its customers from the raw material specification choice, to the final integration of the new powder inside the customer production line.

Quality stability, material reliability as well as the ongoing quality certifications are warrantied by our state or the art production site in Austria.

We offer passion, knowledge combined with high skills and insight to explore and make real technology edge solutions applying material recovery and creating new ones.

Our vision is based on high social and environmental awareness and trustful relationships with all our partners, clients an suppliers.